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Carrier Battles: Command Decision in. Harm's Way. Douglas Vaughn Smith. Follow this and additional works at the FSU Digital Library.
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As I said, the book isn't a disinterested analysis.

Smith relates that back in the 's, some naval leaders bemoaned the fact that the Chief of Naval Operations, the commander in chief of the fleet the counterpart to today's field commanders actually tasking with fighting naval actions in specific theaters of operations , and the superintendent of the Naval Academy were not NWC graduates. At the end of the book he relates that the same in true today, and argues that the naval service suffers from NWC study not being a de facto requirement for senior positions. He may be right, but of course as faculty at the NWC it's not surprising he would think that.

And the argument that specific training is necessary for a commander to effectively respond in battle is not a new one - naval aviators made a similar argument for aviation training as a prerequisite for major combat commands during the war. The debate over what training is best for the next generation of leaders is never ending, nor should it be otherwise.

Puttering in the Study: Carrier Battles: Command Decision in Harm's Way - Douglas V. Smith

But a good recent overview of the battles with explicit analysis and grading of the various naval commanders' performance by an experienced academic using specific, consistent criteria is something I really enjoyed. Puttering in the Study.

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